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M3 Conference 2024

What if you could help impact the future of a nation?

Malawi, Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world.  And the lack of quality healthcare is a primary issue in its struggle for economic stability and independence.  But there is hope.  The Pothawira Village outside of Salima is making a huge impact in the lives of thousands of individuals each week through its healthcare facilities.  We want to help them continue their services now that the new birthing center is opened and is providing more care for those who need it most.   

The maternal mortality rate in Malawi is one of the highest in the world.  We can change that.

Pothawira International is a non-profit organization committed to changing the dynamics of life in Malawi and other developing countries by supporting healthcare, education and business through organizations like Pothawira (Safe Haven).  But we don't want people to just make a donation and walk away.  We think it becomes more meaningful when you are fully engaged in the effort. 

So, why not Hike4Healthcare?  

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Hike4Healthcare.  Help change a nation.


2024 Goal: $150,000

In 2023, $150k was raised. This helped with over 200+ safe births up-to-date since its opening in August 2021 and has provided resources for the general healthcare operations at Pothawira.  

Who's ready for the challenge?

Please note that Mt. Kilimanjaro trip is a “ Travel at Will” International Trip.

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