Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is a "bucket list" adventure that will also raise money to bring quality medical care to Malawi.  You also have the opportunity to visit the "Warm Heart of Africa" and serve at the Pothawira project.  It will be an experience of a lifetime! 

                                                                           2022 Mt. Kilimanjaro: Hike4healthcare

Trip Itinerary: 



​Leave US                     July                        

Arrive in Tanzania       July   


Optional Safari           July  - July     

Drive to  Moshi               

Mt. Kili Climb- 6day Shira route

Arrive and drive to Sopa Lodge Safari (3 day/2 nights); Full day game drive in Ngorongoro crater

Next day drive to Lake Mantra National Park or Tarangire National Park, then an afternoon game drive

Climb Day 1             July           

Climb Day 2            July            

Climb Day 3            July                     

Climb Day 4            July                    

Climb Day 5            July         (Summit day)               

Climb Day 6                            (Heading back to camp)                             


Leave Tanzania            July   

Arrive US or Malawi     July    

*Optional: Malawi Service Trip ( Need a Malawi Trip Waiver)


Estimated Expenses​

$- climb and Malawi (includes safari, visas, lodging, transportation, food, park fees) 

$1000-$1,500 for equipment (approximately) 

$ for travel (this must be done as soon as possible to secure low rates) 

Malawi is optional 

$650 registration fee 

Reminder paid in installments (Nov. 2019, Dec. 2019, Jan 2020, Feb. 2020, Mar 2020)

Dec.   2022      $650        Registration

Jan.   2022       $.              Safari  (optional) 

Feb.  2022       $               remaining balance for the climb

Mar.  2022       $               Misc. Tanzania expenses ( tips, visa, and water)

                         $               Misc. Malawi expenses if you are going to Malawi (tips, visa, water, lunch and dinner)

We will discuss Malawi lodging options and other travels costs such as passport, immunizations, gratuities, etc..​ Individuals may opt for their own Lodging in Malawi. 


Each individual will be required to raise a minimum of $5,000 in addition to the trip cost.  Families will be required to raise a minimum of $10,000. You will be provided with a fundraising portal to create a personal fundraising page to make it easier for you to ask for donations via email, text or social media.

Malawi Service ​Project


You can work at the medical clinic, the local hospital or on a non-medical project.  (need a Malawi Trip Waiver as well)

For more specific trip information, download the Event Packet.

Medical Council Appilcation form will be needed


Here is what is needed for the registration:

​​​​​1. The medical practitioners will have to fill out the "Medical Council Application" form. The nurses/midwives fill out the nursing registration form and the transcript form. Other documents needed to be sent with the filled out application forms are: 

2. Copies of your training/medical certification,

3. Copy of diploma certificate(s), 

4. Certificate of good standing (letter from your employee stating when you started working with them and what you do at work - similar to recommendation letter), 

5. Current evidence of nursing/medical registration, 

6. Updated resume, 

7. Other nursing/medical training certificates you have, 

8. 2 passport photo sizes

9. $200 fee each for those coming to do a medical camp (has to be 5 or more). Otherwise fee is $600+